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社交网络的Instagram Stories版本Facebook Stories上市已有一年多了。在此期间,Facebook逐渐积累了用户,最终达到了1.5亿活跃用户的里程碑。现在用户数量已经足够了,该公司将开始在其中测试广告,第一批广告将投放到美国和其他地区的某些用户。

Facebook stories, the instagram stories version of social networking, has been on the market for more than a year. During this period, Facebook gradually accumulated users and finally reached the milestone of 150 million active users. Now that the number of users is enough, the company will start testing ads in it, and the first ads will go to some users in the United States and other regions.

Facebook Stories本质上是Snapchat Stories的一个副本,该功能是该功能的一个版本,该功能首先在Instagram上弹出,然后在Facebook上发布。“故事”中发布的内容仅在当天可见,此后消失。故事中发布的照片和视频不会使关注者的订阅源混乱。